IvyGM - New Programmer

Hi there everyone! My name is IvyGM (Ivy Olson), and I’m hopping on as a new programmer for Thrive. Currently, I am in the middle of a Game Design degree and a full time GameDev job, so my time is a bit stretched, but I felt like I could still provide some off and on help to clean up the codebase and improve the game! I have experience in C#, C++, Java, and a few drops of Python to tie it together! I’m at the beginner level of familiarity with Godot, but I hope to tackle a few minor issues to help me get settled quickly!

I have been following Thrive for a while and hope to make some minor improvements to improve the QoL on the game! I also have a personal passion for AI, and I hope to primarily focus on that as a way to improve both my own skills and the quality of the games AI and behavior systems!

I look forward to working with you all!


Welcome to the team!
Improving the AI would definitely be something that’d make the players and us developers happy.

Here’s the setup instructions in case you haven’t seen these yet: