Jamtri - new musician/SFX designer

Hi all, I go by Jamtri and I am a new musician and sound design artist for the game. I am a relative amateur in terms of experience but have been doing some work for games as a means of building my (admittedly small) portfolio. Thrive is my biggest undertaking yet, and I am excited to start making valuable contributions to the game. If possible, I would like to have a list or queue of tasks that the sound team needs done; I am happy to start working right away.

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to work with a team of talented people like yourselves, and hope to become a major player in the future.


Welcome to the team!

Our sound team is not super active, so please ask other people if you need some guidance on what you could work on. I think you already got a handle on that new multicellular editor theme, so I’ll leave you to that. You can post on the dev discord once you have some progress to get feedback.