Kehak - New Programmer [Generalist]

Hi! I’m Kehak, I haven’t gotten to introducing myself on the forums yet because I’ve been busy being sick and all. I’m a C# coder with 3 years under my belt, who mostly works with unity.

I go by Katelyn and I’m American, don’t really like to delve into personal details online as I have a bad history.

I started as being a solo dev in 2020, so I have a lot of experience in a bunch of fields, not just coding, such as music-making, drawing, 3d modelling, game design, so on and so forth. I’ve decided to apply for the team because thrive has always been a game I have wanted to come to fruition and I’d be glad to help make it. I’m also sort of a theorist and enjoy thinking about physics and stuff… I’d say I’m somewhat knowledgeable in biology and physics, as I’ve done a fair share of research on it.

Everything I make is featured on my YT: such as my songs, art, games, so-on-and-so-forth. (It mostly features “techno” stuff though, but I can make good ambience and thrive-like music if I try!)
I don’t have a portfolio for my code because I haven’t made the time to but, I can

I love making music and art! Please if you want anything tell me!!!


Always excited to see a new face around here!

If you ever have any questions or are unsure what to do next, don’t hestitate to ask around and we’ll help you whenever available.

Welcome to the team!

The first step is getting Thrive building on your computer so that you can start then making changes. To do that please follow our setup instructions we have:

If you run into any issues please ask for help either on the forums or on the developer discord.

Also if you want some kind of introduction to the codebase you might be able to collaborate with @Dolphin who is currently getting familiar with the Thrive code. I promised I’d answer any specific questions about the code that might arise as a starting point to finally writing a proper introduction to the Thrive codebase.

Once you are setup you can pick a task to work on. For that I recommend picking an “easy” issue or a “good first issue”. Those are all listed on our GitHub: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub If you are looking for a specific kind of task or just can’t decide, I can recommend you something to work on.

Welcome to the team! While music isn’t a high priority right now, if it is something you want to do go ahead!

If you have any questions about the music for Thrive don’t hesitate to ask me or Oliver. Feel free to listen to the playlist of already existing music music to get some inspiration or a feel for how it should sound: