Kemikal - new programmer

Hello,im Alex also known as Kemikal,im from Romania like moopli was and i just finished my bachelor degree with a ISING simulation work , im currently trying to work on the solar system and planetary generation part of the game.I have mainly C++ knowledge and some python and C# ,thats relevant to this game.

I already did some PR’s that for me make the game look more polished,and i Hope for others too.I like realism in games and i really want to contribute to this game.


Welcome to the team. You can ask on our discord or here if you don’t have anything to work on next or if you need help with some change.

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Sure,for now im prototyping the planet and solar system gen


whenever you need graphics help let me know. I was going to do most of the mesh generation myself.

I think the graphics thing you can start if you are able to,and ill try to help when im done,because those parameter generations is gonna take me more than i thought.

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Whenever I get around to planets i’ll probably open a branch and we can work with each other on there.

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