Kiloku - New Programmer

Hello everyone!

I’m Kiloku, and I’m joining the team as a programmer! I’m a game developer from Brazil, and I’ve used all sorts of languages, tools and engines for game dev!

I’ve been following Thrive for quite a while, and finally decided to contribute. C# has been my main language for a long time, but usually in Unity flavor (and in the olden times, XNA). It might be slightly rusty lately since both my day job and the other Open Source game I contribute to use C++, but I hope to dust the old C# hat so I can be helpful!


Welcome to the team!

As you’ve already made a PR I won’t link the setup instructions, but if you need help picking something to work on next feel free to ask me. Here’s our easy issues on Github where you might see something to try to tackle next: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub