Leinourdian – New Programmer

Hi guys!

I’m Leinourdian, a new programmer on the team. I’m from Finland (Moi hhyyrylainen! :grinning:). I study applied mathematics. I find speculative evolution interesting and have followed Thrive for some time.

I made a few PRs for Thrive before finally gathering the courage to join the team. Now that I’m here, I’m mainly planning to fix miscellaneous issues and maybe work on new features once I’m experienced enough. I enjoy analyzing the game and coming up with ideas, so you’ll probably see me appear in random forum discussions as well.

I’m excited to be a part of the team!


Welcome to the team!

Cool that your a math guy, I have had to learn an uncomfortable amount of Topology, Set Theory, and Calculus to try and figure out how we will do membranes and creatures in the future (Convolution Surfaces, and Delaunay based meshing.)

Welcome to the team!
Glad to finally have you on the team. I’m looking forward to your future work.