Lev - New Music Composer

Hello everyone! You can call me Lev. I’m a composer!
Here’s some of my work in soundcloud:

I have very few examples there, if you need more, just tell me, i can always upload more.
I’m so glad to be working with the team!
PS: I can also sing, if that can be useful(?


Man that’s catchy, can’t wait to hear your contributions to the project! Idk if this is useful to mention but this is what the music for the game is looking like now: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1xZFxatUbjMxJ746nEKkvjVuNfSrQT7D

Oliveriver is the current Music Team Lead as far as i’m aware, and he can tell you more and help you out more than anyone else can on the sound front at least.

If you have bigger picture questions about the project as a whole or overall development, just ask on Discord and somebody can point you the right way. It’ll probably be Buckly (Design Leader) or Hhyrylainen (Programmer Leader)

If you want to look at issues, or just track development/progress this is the Thrive GitHub page for issues: https://github.com/orgs/Revolutionary-Games/projects/2

PS: I’m Johnny (just call me Nunz though) I’m with Graphics and currently am doing the code for 3D cells.