Lokit Khemka - New Programmer


I am Lokit Khemka. Although my background is in Civil Engineering, I gradually moved to programming after my Masters. I started out as a backend developer and currently, I am working as a CAD Automation programmer and Solutions Architect. One of the primary reasons I want to get involved in Thrive development is because I feel like in corporate culture you cannot simply learn as much one can. I want to try new things and give back to open source communities that made a lot of my learning possible.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn from everyone else in this amazing team. I am sure it will an amazing experience for me.


Welcome to the team!

Here are our setup instructions on how to compile the game:

Once you get the game built you should look at our easy or good first issues: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

If you have any problems with the setup or can’t decide on what issue to pick let me know either on these forums or ask on the dev discord.


Thank you. I have already built the code yesterday. It is working great on VS Code. I will have to pick the issues to tackle next week.

-Lokit Khemka.

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