Lucas - New theorician (Maths)

Hello everyone ! You can call me Lucas or Dragon if needed, I’m a french student majoring in maths.
Since i know how to program on JS (HTML and CSS too) python and C#, i have coded some experiments with stuff i learnt recently : (an incremental game made in less than 2 months for a contest, that i won, happened june-august 2020) (did this soon after finishing the game) (did this to generate 3D curves based on Curvature and torsion formulas this week) (an experiment to generate every 3D Surfaces possible with stuff I learnt recently)

If needed I can also test the game!

I’m so glad to be part of the team and greatly hope that I’d be usefull!



If you could help with testing that would be great. Currently I’m trying to get people to test the new localization system to make sure it doesn’t break things ( That is the current BOTD. The wiki has instructions for playing the devbuilds:

Usually theory team members are limited to natural? sciences (biology, physics, chemistry) as those are the current expert topics we need help with.

If you want to give programming the game a try, here are the setup instructions:
and you can find some easy issues on github to work on:

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Hey Lucas, my name is Johnny (call me Nunz). I’m on the Graphics and programming team. Right now I’m programming the cell editor to generate 3D membranes based on how the player arranges their cytoplasm. I’ve pretty much figured that out already but, there’s a good chance you and me will be interacting more in the future given the procedural nature of the game’s graphics. Happy to work with you!

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