Maxonovien - new programmer

Hello! I’m Maxonovien, a French student in research in cognitive science, with a theoretical maths & computer science background. My major is linguistics, and I am more specifically specializing into mathematical and linguistical cognition, and their emergence through evolution.

I am mostly joining as a programmer, but I’m also more than willing to work with the theory team, especially for the later stages that will overlap with my field of study (I’m looking at you, late Awakening and Society).

I’ve already proposed several small bug fixes, AI tweaks, and I’m currently taking on a rework of the spawn system. In parallel, I’m trying to come with an interesting design for signalling agents for the microbe stage.

I hope that I’ll be able to enrich both the game and my experience by working on this wonderful project, and hopefully Thrive on it! :grin:


Welcome to the team!
I was about to link you to a signalling agents thread, but it I couldn’t find one here, so now I’m wondering if it’s missing its own discussion thread…

Thank you! Indeed, I had a look on this forum as well before posting on the community forum but found nothing. So I’m not sure such a topic exists. Anyways, I’m starting to build up some prototype for test, so I’ll make a related post if still needed at the time I have something more developed to share.