Microbe Stage GDD


Yes, a suicide option is still planned. @stealthstylel is correct - while the player could be given the option of waiting for more compounds, if their metabolism has collapsed it’s likely due to a badly built cell or inhospitable environment.


Well I know some players will want to become immobile microbes that are subject to the whims of the current. But you make a good point.


@NickTheNick and I are working on renovating the GDD (http://thrivegame.wikidot.com/microbe-stage-gdd).

The first step is to make everything more concise and to the point, which we’re achieving with bullet points instead of paragraphs. The second is updating all the information with recent changes, a lot harder as it involved trawling through as much discussion as we can find and finding the latest consensus (see: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive-Organization/issues/15).

Others are free to help.


i could start a thread with some ideas i had for the beginning of the multicellular stage and how to get there from the microbe stage if that helps.


Fun fact, this page was reduced by ~10,000 words. If you have access to history you can see what it looked like before and after. At the moment it’s a little bare because all the information from the remaining 4000 words is being ported over to other pages. If at the end of that we find that the Microbe Gameplay page is unnecessary as a page we’ll delete it.

@crodnu : Yeah if you want go for it. We can start documenting the concept for multicellular because we’ve discussed it a lot but I don’t think we’ve put it all in a central place yet.


i haven’t found a lot about it, any idea where that info might be?
That way i’m not reinventing the organic wheel.


I’d check for threads on the topic in this forum, and if you wanted to also the old forums. When I get home later today I should be able to find what there is as well as the documents I have on my PC on it.


Out of interest, is there anything in the GDD (which people should read if they haven’t, and probably should read again if they have to keep us on the same page) which needs to be updated or added following recent gameplay discussions? I haven’t been able to keep track of everything so it would be useful to know - I’m thinking of making some minor tweaks at some point soon to improve structure and cohesiveness.

I’m also going to make a post on the new community forums, partly to make sure people read the GDD, and partly to know if there’s anything which needs to be explained better.


Funny you brought this up because I was just about to reply here on a similar topic. I’ve kept track of what needs to be added from the recent discussions (All of these are WIPs and will still need further updating as we discuss):

  • Biomes and biome attributes from the microbe biome differentation thread.
  • Content from the evolution of early planets thread. By content I mean environmental phenomena (like oxygenation events), starting conditions, the model planet, changes that will occur based on the planet you start on, etc.
  • Organelles from the prokaryote gameplay thread, as in eukaryotic organelles that were mentioned on the thread. We still need to finalize which concepts we want to use for prokaryote gameplay before we add that to the wiki.

I’m going to try to update all of these tonight. If I don’t get to them I will make tasks for them in the Thrive Organization repo.