Movement Kinematics

So I thought we should discuss how movements will be done past the cellular epoch. How bodies will move, types of limbs including orientation, common motions, joint numbers, and range of motion.
I do have access to a motion-capture lab, so we could theoretically have a subject (probably me) perform various movements to construct basic movement patterns, including walking, running, jumping, and whatever else we can think of.

I just thought we could start the conversation soon, so I can see about using the motion-capture system while I still have access.


We will definitely need to use procedural animation as it won’t look good to force all creatures to use a limited set of precreated animations.

I remember finding some really promising library for that on github but I can’t find it anymore. This is the most promising thing a quick search brought up:

We might have to write our own inverse kinematics library (I didn’t find a license on this one: and use that for procedural animations on skeletons. Unless someone can find a good ik procedural 3d skeleton animation library…

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True, we will need to figure something out for our own skeletons, simply because we are making different species than those we are used to, so I thought we could try to capture some of those so we could make our own motion animations.