Music List Thread (Post New Themes Here)


Thanks, and yeah of course I still have lots of work on it yet



Sorry to spam this feed haha but I just wanted to show some progress I’ve made on the song I recently posted, to see if it’s something that could be used at all (or if its worth continuing to tweak). Here’s the link to the second take of this song:

Pls let me know,


Yeah, the percussion’s definitely a lot better now. The synth pad still feels a little thin, though I guess it doesn’t matter too much for background music. I don’t have any specific suggestions to be honest, it’s pretty good as it is but you can keep working on it if you want.


While working on the Main Theme, I decided the opening piano motif could be used as a solo piano piece in its own right, so here it is:

I think it would be useful for promotional material, such as trailers.


I can get behind that use for this. Piano pieces are still in for vaguely sandbox-ish trailers right now.

I made the mistake of listening through a lot of my old music and realized that I’ve A: pretty much just disappeared from this project and B: left behind music that’s way below my current standard. I tried to edit my old songs but they were a real mess, not to mention I don’t seem to actually have the PSO files for Roots on this machine.

Nevertheless, here are the 2016 edits for some of my old submissions for your judgement.

And yes, as I have an unhealthy habit of saying, I’d love to get involved again with some new music if there is any current vacuum for that.

EDIT: I also, one by one, realized that percussion is 90% superfluous in every game track I’ve ever done.


We all go through periods when we think all our old work sucks. Honestly your old work is great, even if you don’t think so, but I’ve got no problem with you going back to things and fixing them.

The first track feels rumbly and muffled, and the distortion is perhaps a bit over the top and overpowering, but otherwise it’s nice. I know it’ll annoy you, but to be honest I kind of prefer the original. It fits better as background game music for me.

I prefer the newer version of the second though. Better overall sound design and effects manipulation, with some interesting synth additions.

The third is the best of all. Great atmospherics, and yeah I agree the percussion wasn’t needed. Great use of panning and the stereo field too. Still not a fan of the strings in the second half though.


I made a new theme for gas giants. Thoughts?

I realize it’s probably a bit too calm for a gas giant, but it might fit in non-stormy areas.


I’m not sure whether we’re having themes for specific planet types, but if not this could work for mountains or storms or something. I like it, it’s got some pleasant changes in texture and nice sound design. It still feels a bit uninteresting though, which I guess is fine for background music. I’ll wait for others’ opinions before adding it to the soundtrack playlist.


I think this works great not just for a gas giant but for any high altitude areas, like if you had a flying creature high above your world or if you were a floating creature in the air, it works great for that, plus it just sounds beautiful anyhow : ) Maybe add a bit make things and you’d be perfect but that’s just a small nitpick, great job

Edit: I guess one thing to add is more chorus/choir, add higher notes and add them throughout the song to add the “awe” factor


I think it’s nice. It captures the calm and serenity of flying gracefully over a desolate mountain range quite well. (Even if that wasn’t what you’re going for.)


Re: The Struggle, it’s perfectly fine if you prefer the old version; I just thought I should at least try to bring it up to date

Re: Atmospheric Lullaby, I quite like it! I do wish, for the purpose of the scale of gas giants,that it had some underlying bass (say, a pad with very slow attack times). I could also see it functioning very well for other locations as-is, such as caves, should gas-giants not end up being a thing.


I created this in a couple of hours as one of many tests of a load of new (and very high quality) virtual instruments I got for Christmas. It’s not much but it’s kind of relaxing and starts filling the holes in Thrive’s music.


This is a really late response I know, but I really like this, I LOVE the noise (with some bitcrusher on it I think) that comes and goes, I do think maybe it should fade in a little less abruptly though I don’t know. I love the vibe it gives!!


Also I’ve been working on some more ambiance and backgroundy stuff as well, so I’ll submit some soon.


Looking forward to hearing it!


A bit dead in here for a while it seems :confused:


Only because I haven’t had time to compose much recently and few other composers have turned up. Feel free to make that activity yourself if you want. :slight_smile:


Since I’ve just finished exams, I have much more free time. I’m first going to put it to use finishing the next version of the Thrive Main Theme, which has languished as a draft for over a year. If anyone has any suggestions or wants to help, let me know.


As it turns out, the project file for the Thrive Main Theme is a mess, so it might take longer than I thought. I’ll be away for a few weeks in two weeks’ time - whether I get it done before then or not, I don’t know. I’ll try to, but wading through my own irresponsibly disordered project is difficult.

Returning member

As I was creating another theme, I found this old thing and did the minimal amount of work towards finishing it:

It’s alright in my opinion, quite atmospheric but not my best in mixing, composition or variation terms. Hopefully people like it.

I’ve also given up on updating the Thrive Main Theme for now. Perhaps I (or someone else?) can return to it in future, but right now it’s like hitting my head against a wall of insufficient strings. I apologise.