Music List Thread (Post New Themes Here)


A short, unpretentious little theme for plains, because I had an interesting melody-instrument combination and didn’t know what else to do with it.

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Fidgeting with Fl Studio in-between writing papers. Was originally intending this to be water/microbe-themed but now it has taken on more of a Stellaris space vibe. Hitting a road-block though as I have no idea what else to add (if anything). Will probably figure it out once mid-term break comes around this next week.

Let me know what you think.



I quite like it. It sounds like a peaceful background track for a space game of some kind. Space stage music?

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A good start. I like the sounds and chords but feel there’s a lot more that could be done with it, such as more interesting stereo imaging and a less abrupt end. Nice work though.

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Yea I just put 2 of the same channels end to end so the ending is non-existent atm.



Here’s something I’ve been working on, I don’t think I’m finished with it yet.
I didn’t really have anything in mind when I made this, but it kinda sounds like an underwater theme for the Aware stage.
Thoughts? Anything I should add or change? Or should I scrap this thing entirely because it’s unsalvageably bad

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Are you kidding? That was very nice indeed. My one critique would be to either lower the volume of or remove some bass frequencies from the pads, because they kind of overpower everything a bit too much. The main piano-synth-like melodies are simple but very well done. I like it a lot.



I agree, very well done. For me there were some points were the reverb got muddied up a bit but that might just be these crappy speakers I have while I’m on break. Otherwise that’s nothing a little EQ or volume mixing couldn’t handle.



I went back to a theme that’s been sitting half finished on my hard drive for about six months. It’s a bit rough in places but works overall.


New Composer & Sound Designer

Can’t believe I forgot to post this here.



Hey guys, I know I haven’t been active for a long time, and I’m sorry for not being able to work on Thrive as much as I’d like. But I’ve recently begun writing music, and I made a new song that I think would be perfect for Thrive:



Pretty impressive for a first attempt!

The motifs and melodies are generally great but the sample/mixing quality lets it down a bit. The piano for instance needs more variation in note velocities - right now it sounds static and robotic, and I think the melody has a lot of potential if played differently. The drums also don’t fit the rest in my opinion.

Also, if this is intended for the game, what part of it?

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idk tbh, I’m new to making music and not very good at it. I just thought it might be useful, maybe for the civilization stage or something.



Hey guys! Okay so here is my first track for Thrive. It’s supposed to be playing at the Civilization Stage (society phase). Hope it will make its way to the playlist! :slight_smile:



That sounds amazing friend!



Thank you very much Untrustedlife :slight_smile:



I like it a lot! There are perhaps some things I would change to smooth things out - the drums for instance sound quite rigid and dry in places, and it could do with some better transitions - but I’ll add it to the playlist for now. The idea with the playlist is just to catalogue all the themes of sufficient quality so that we can come back to them and improve in future if need be.



Hey guys! Time to show you my latest piece I wrote for Thrive. Now for the Space Stage. Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:



I fixed the embedding, again, for the video. You can just put a link on a line by itself for discourse to embed it if it can be.



Oh okay thank you very much! Will keep that in mind for the future!