Music List Thread (Post New Themes Here)


Most of this is pretty good but I’m afraid I can’t get over the splash sounds.They stand out far too much and ruin the aesthetic the rest of the piece is going for. It might work if you turned them down a whole lot, but my advice is to remove them completely and add more interest in other ways. The tremolo pads towards the end for instance are great, I’d love to hear more like that.


It almsot feels like a microbe theme IMO


Thanks for your feedback! Yes I thought that the splash sounds will be one point to talk about. I was originally looking for some spacy sounds like radio waves or beeps or stuff like that.
Will replace the splashes with something more spacy and re-upload it soon.

@Untrustedlife The splash sounds have some watery quality so that might be the reason why you associate it with microbes swimming in the Primordial Soup :wink:


Hi! So here the new version of “Into the Universe”. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Much better. I think the blip-bloop sound effects at 0:07 and 1:15 could still be removed though. Bear in mind the game itself will have sound effects playing over this, so overlap between them and the soundtrack should be considered.

There are some very nice layered atmospherics going on, and the contrast between the denser sections and parts with sparser arrangements works very well.

My only other real suggestion is that the transition at 1:25 could use some work to make it less sudden, such as fading or filtering the lead synth to make it sit better as it enters. Given the subdued, flowing nature of the rest of the track, it sticks out. In a similar vein, the lead probably gets a bit too loud from 1:00 to 1:07, which with the heavy stereo delay gives it a bit too much punch for meandering space background music.

Otherwise, nicely done.

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I’m not the most expert in sound, but do you think that blip-bloop sounds could be use as sound effects with GUI interaction in Space stage?


Thank you very much for your constructive feedback! Okay then I will remove the sound effect completely to let the in-game effects do the job.

And I agree that the lead is a bit too loud from 1:00 to 1:07 and also the transition to the lead at 1:25 could be more smooth. Kay I will work on that again and upload the final version then.

@Dak28 That’s a nice idea actually! I remember SPORE has sound effects like this.

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I kinda was hoping for a new microbe theme TBH, because i feel like even though what we have is awesome it would be nice to get some additional themes in there. But that is olivers call


@Untrustedlife I wrote for Society and Space Stage because the Microbe Stage is officially complete. But if Oliver gives green light I can also write another theme for the Microbe stage.


So here’s the final version of “Into the Universe”.
In the future I will upload only the music on my Google Drive account and send you the link to get your feedback. Once the track is approved then, I will upload it to YouTube to get into the approved playlist because otherwise I upload too many of the same video to my account and that’s really a mess :wink:

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Hey guys! In case that another track for the Microbe Stage could be approved I wrote this track for this stage. But if there’s no need for a new one (since it’s officially complete) we could use it for another purpose maybe.

So here’s the link to the track:

Have a nice weekend!


@Oliveriver what do you think of it?


About right with the mix of music and sound effects now. I’ve added it to the playlist.

Now this is very nice indeed. Very atmospheric and everything is exactly as subtle as it needs to be.

I want to steer clear of having percussive elements in Microbe Stage themes. Add to that the fact we have officially released the Microbe Stage soundtrack and I’m not in favour of adding more. It would however work as a Multicellular Theme.

Could you post a version without the percussive elements so I can see how that would work?

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This is a very beautiful theme and fits Thrive’s aesthetic really well! Not that I‘d have any authority over this, but I agree with oliver: It‘s a bit too complex for a microbe stage theme, but would fit perfectly as a multicellular theme! (Although it might fit even better without the percussion part)
I‘m very much looking forward to any themes you might create in the future!

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Thank you very much Oliver and MirrorMonkey2 for your feedback!
Then I will remove the few percussive elements and upload it to YouTube then as a Multicellular Theme :+1:


I’m not saying the percussion should definitely be removed, I’d just like to hear a version without it to compare.


So here’s the version without the percussion elements to check:


Have you checked the version without the percussive elements? I will upload the version you think would fit better to the Multicellular Stage on YouTube so that you can put it into the playlist. Thanks!


Apologies, I completely forgot to reply. On balance I think the version with percussion works better, as it’s not too intrusive and gives some sense of forward momentum. It would work well as a Multicellular Theme. Nice work!


Thank you for your feedback. Here is the YouTube link of the track:

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