New 3D Artist/Modeler, here to help :)

Hi folks :slight_smile:
You’ll find me on Slack and Discord under the username RobotInProgress, but I am often just called Robot/Roboto.
I am a 3D Artist and Modeler with experience in 3DS Max, ZBrush and Photoshop, and I graduated university with a 1st Class Honours in Computer Games Art :slight_smile:
That said I could do with improving on topology and texture work but I am generally up for modelling anything at this point.

Getting in touch with me shouldn’t be too hard as I’m usually on some sort of device, that said following months could be spotty due to job stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, looking forward to working with y’all :wink:

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Hopefully others can also post suggestions as to what to work on, but I think what you could do a mesh and a texture for a pilus (a pointy thing to stab other cells with), which is one of the things that have been planned to be included after the engine switch.

I don’t think we have the old model source files anymore (just the ones in Ogre format) so that makes it slightly difficult to reverse them to editable files.

Also one of the biggest “issues” with the graphics currently is that everything is fully lit (there is no dynamic lighting on the organelles) so you could look into making the Ogre materials and textures be lit and look better.