New 3D Modeler (And Paleo-Nerd)

Greetings, everyone! My username of course is FaceEaterMaximus, but you can just call me by my real name, Jiddu, if you want. As the title suggests, I am a 3D modeler and biology enthusiast (specifically with prehistoric life) and am very excited to be on the team. I am currently working on not just Thrive, but another game having to do with, yes, prehistoric life. On the dev team for that game I am also a 3D modeler, and working on it has improved my overall modeling skills a lot. I may talk about this project every so often, but this place is about Thrive so I’m going to stay on topic. I do have some basic knowledge of programming languages Python and C#, but this knowledge is quite limited so I wouldn’t be a good programmer (at least not yet). I use Blender to create the base mesh for my models and Mudbox for sculpting and texturing them. I like modeling anything really, some examples are living things (organisms), buildings, weapons, etc. I could talk more but for now I think this is an adequate summary. Hoping to meet all of you guys eventually!


Welcome! It’s always nice to see new people join the project. It helps to inject some new blood once in a while just to keep things moving. See ya around.

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Welcome to the team!

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Thanks guys