New Bug Tracker

Hi All,

I have been in the computer field since 1996 and currently the Server Admin for my work place. I have limited coding experience, limited to C++, .Net, and some other languages. I also am very active in fitness with a background as a personal fitness instructor. I LOVED AP in college and found this game very interesting.

My goal here is to help track any bugs and share my findings. I will be literally be working side by side with Shannon. :smile:

Give me a bit to read over the forum and find the instructions for posting my findings. Thank you for the invite! I hope I can help!

Take care,

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Welcome! :smiley:

It’s good to know we’ll have two programmers directly helping each other - it might help you both stick around longer than most. @SpasticMelon’s already part of the Slack group, which we use for discussion that doesn’t need to be posted publicly (such as helping programmers set up the dev environment). If you haven’t already, you should get an invite for it pretty soon. The Slack group’s probably the best place to report bugs as the programmers will respond quickest there.

As for what to read: