New Flagellum

Thread for talking about flagellum ideas and concepts.


Man all look very interesting, i guess the second and fourth should be considered cilia rather than flagella.
I like how you made the thrid one segmented, i don’t know what benefits it could bring compared to a normal flagella but i guess we could use it alongside just for having different aesthetics.

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Insteresting, it looks like it could be in game by putting multiple flagella in one close place or extending it. The shorter, more cilia-like parts give me an idea that cilia could be unevenly distributed or have a size gradient. They also look like an amazing predatory pilus.

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Yeah looking nice. A couple of things to look at, this concept art of Joao’s looks cool I think, has a similar vibe with long, stringy, flagella.

This is what the flagella looked like before the engine switch, longer and wigglier than what we have now I think. They were quite good imo.

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Or maybe it could have some sort of a strong push feature. like increases force of interactions with other objects maybe?

I love it

Btw Kloud, instead double posting it’s better if you include all you want to say in one message. For replying to several users you can just quote them in the same reply

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So this will be a summary of everything we were discussing so far.

Flagella modification- It would be a fun mechanic to make some parts changeable, it would also create a much more diverse system with cells having differently shaped flagella with different movement styles and would get rid of the more flagella=more speed mechanic and leave big quantities to cilia.
Concept 1 Concept 2

Shape changes- To save space and keep things simple I’d personally not make flagella have different crazy shapes that go outside width and length adjustments. What I think would look awesome is modifying pili and cilia in a way to resemble two of @KloudCreator 's concept drawings.

Balance- Changing flagella should be less expensive than adding a new one to make the player involved in more appearance based evolution.

And some issues and ideas that we have to keep in mind:
flagella have different movement styles, should we include this feature and how?
will we keep flagella as organelles or should they be edited in an outside appearance editor
+ a fun video that we all watched already but it’s good to link


Just thoughts that came to my mind as I was seeing over these AMAZING concept arts.
You have overall movement. So the ability for move around the environment in any direction.
Forward (or directional) movement, which would just move you forward in one direction. Which could also have backwards movement.
Turning, your ability to re-orientate yourself to a new direction.

These properties (and others) can create a variety of different movement options. For example you could have one that allows you to move forward really fast, but it hard to turn or almost no backwards movement. Then you could have one that gives you moderate movement, but decent turning, and promising backwards movement. The list goes on.

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From a gamefeel perspective I am not keen to change turn rates too much, or have the speeds go too low or too high. It’s a nice idea for some customisation however the problem is that if you have a bad cell (like one which moves slow and can barely turn) the game will just feel bad and people will stop playing.

At the moment the way things are balanced is that all cells pretty much turn the same and then you can get faster and slower by adding flagella (all cells can move at a base speed) and I think it’s probably best to stick to something close to this.


would we need any more concepts for the flagella or pili and cilia?

As far as I know there aren’t many concepts on those, so yeah, feel free to work on them

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