New music composer signing in

Hey gang, I’m Adam, better known as theStyg (not related to Mr. Stig TopGear). I also have a bit of sound design experience under my belt, but no experience with integration into a game. This project looks really dope so far, and I hope I can help add a bit of spice to the mix! For those curious, here’s my portfolio website, Cheers! :metal:


Dang, that’s quite an impressive resume you got there.

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Hey Adam, welcome to Thrive! Great to have another sound designer on board.

Do you prefer to work on ambient tracks or specific sound effects? We have need for both at the moment.

Thanks! To clarify, I have the most experience in music, and in a way, ambient tracks are an extension of that, so I figure that’s the best place for me!

Ah cool! By the way I should clarify when I say ambient tracks I just mean ambient sound effects, like bubbling and flowing when underwater.

However, we do have need for music as well. This thread is for discussing and posting new music: Music List Thread (Post New Themes Here)

Feel free to explore the game’s design and find a stage of gameplay that you find interesting, and then you could compose a track for that situation. For example, it could be like a “fast-paced music for the Aware Stage when you are being chased as a predator” or a “rhythmic background music for the Awakening Stage when your tribe is at peace”.

Oh yes of course! I’ve been making the rounds looking through as much of the music-related stuff as I can and think I’m getting a solid idea of where things are at. Thanks!