New Programmer - Owen.Fitzgerald

Hello everyone,
My name is Owen Fitzgerald and I am new to the program team. I am currently in my second year of Duke, majoring in Compsci and History. I have experience in a variety of projects including developing a mental health app for college students and a carpool system for summer camp to handle 200-400 campers daily. I am incredibly excited to start working on Thrive and can’t wait to get to know everyone on the team.


Welcome! Programmers @hhyyrylainen and @crodnu are around most often right now, so I’ll leave it to them to give you some guidance on where to help out.

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Welcome to the team Limnodromus! :smiley:

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@Limnodromus Have you managed to build thrive from source yet? (I assume you are on windows, so I won’t be able to help that much)

As to suggestions what you could work on:

  • Future Release Plans outlines what is planned for the next release, so if there’s something there that interests you, you can work on it
  • there are also issues open on github but most of them are quite old

Or you can work on something completely different

I have not yet. Waiting in a replacement motherboard to arrive tomorrow for my desktop. Then I should be good to go

Welcome to the team! If you need any help or want anything explained feel free to ask anytime.