New programmer zyad137

hey my name is zyad i am from Cairo, Egypt.

my main language is C# and i am good with C++ and i have some knowledge about lua and javascript so i want to help.

and i am interested in helping every where but i do not know from where to start so i need some guide in what to do to get involved in the team :smiley:.

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Welcome to the team Zyad! :smiley:
What do you like to work on?
new features, bugs, gui, engine stuff?

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i like to work in bug fixing at the beginning and when i feel that i am involved enough in the codes work in new features shall begun


Well, on the top of my head there is a bug where the powerup organelles floating around dont seem to ever unlock the organelles as they should, and another bug where you can delete a hex in the editor and have your microbe split in two (which is not too important yet, but it should be easy to tackle). Other devs might know about other bugs.
Feel free to ask any questions :smiley:

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i will do my best trying to fix that :smiley:

can i ask one more question?

how i can edit the scripts i mean where is the files?

edit:- i know it is at github but i have no idea how to edit it

the lua scripts are in the scripts folder, both in the github repo and in the released game
edit: if you mean how to download the repo, you can use git or its gui github desktop to clone it into your computer, if you mean how to edit them any text editor will do (i use notepad++ for example)

so how i can get allowed to edit it here:

note: i have github account
edit: i mean edit file testing it what i need to do that?

you clone it to your pc, using git (a console application) or github desktop (the same but with a fancy gui), and then you can edit it in your pc, then you can create a github branch and post your changes there (you might need permissions for that, @hhyyrylainen, @Moopli or @crovea can give them to you if you dont), and when the branch is finished you make a pull request, so we can see your changes and maybe suggest improvements and things like that, and then the branch gets merged into the master branch and it becomes a part of the game

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thank you for help :smiley:

I would actually prefer if everyone’s first change to the code was done through a fork and pulled from there. And then people would be given write access to the main repo.

Just in case someone decides to immediately go ahead and break our main repo.

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i was testing the powerup for some time(i was editing scripts and testing it at my pc) and i think i have solution

i have searched for the scripts that the powerup organelles coded in for some hours until i found them in:

i took a look and i think the system dose not work somewhat right so i have an idea of a new mechanic i can remove this lines
if math.random(1,4) > 1 then return true end
if math.random(1,3) > 1 then return true end

and make something like collect 4 (as example) of toxic powerup so you can unlock Toxin Vacuole

shall i work on this or not?

here is some little good tweaks that we can work on:

it will be good if there something like notification that appear at the bottom right corner of the screen telling you that you unlocked something new.

and in the microbe editor what about a short brief about the organelles when you put the mouse on the organelles.

i can do some of this but i am not experienced with gui (i used only the ui from unity that easily controlled without coding) so i need help from someone know how to work with gui

I think removing the randomness is a good choice to make the behaviour less confusing.

I’ve yet to work on any new GUI widgets so I can’t help with that, yet (I’m going to have to dive into the GUI side quite soon)

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so i shall start work :smile:

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hey i have done it :slight_smile:

and i shall start a branch now

edit: it seem that i can not start a branch!

i have done some tests and it works fine and this is the code changes i have done :
in the configs.lua this is my changes:

– must be global
chloroplast_Organelle_Number = 0
toxin_Organelle_Number = 0

– this count the toxin Organelle Number
function toxin_number()
toxin_Organelle_Number = toxin_Organelle_Number + 1
print (toxin_Organelle_Number)
if toxin_Organelle_Number >= 3 then – 3 is an example
return true
–this where the Unlock Happen
function toxinEffect(entityId)
if Engine:playerData():lockedMap():isLocked(“Toxin”) then
showMessage(“Toxin Unlocked!”)
local guiSoundEntity = Entity(“gui_sounds”)
getComponent(guiSoundEntity, SoundSourceComponent):playSound(“microbe-pickup-organelle”)

– this count the chloroplast Organelle Number
function chloroplast_number()
chloroplast_Organelle_Number = chloroplast_Organelle_Number + 1
print (chloroplast_Organelle_Number)
if chloroplast_Organelle_Number >= 3 then – 3 is an example
return true

–this where the Unlock Happen
function chloroplastEffect(entityId)
if Engine:playerData():lockedMap():isLocked(“chloroplast”) then
showMessage(“Chloroplast Unlocked!”)
local guiSoundEntity = Entity(“gui_sounds”)
getComponent(guiSoundEntity, SoundSourceComponent):playSound(“microbe-pickup-organelle”)
and in setup.lua :
changes this powerupComponent:setEffect(“toxinEffect”)
and this
to :

If you press the “fork” button on the thrive github repo you get a copy you can push your changes to and then create a pull request from there.

I’ll give you push access to the main repo once this, your first change, is accepted.

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i will do :smiley:

started a pull request

Good job zyad!

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