New programmer

Hello! I’m hessnake. I’m in my third year of a Computer Science BS. I’m currently on a co-op working as a software engineer in the precision navigation and timing field. I have the most experience in C, followed by Java, Python, and C#. Most of my C experience is on Linux, with the rest being on an embedded RTOS. Since your engine is in C++ I feel like that’s where I would be most useful.

I have very limited experience with C++. I’m hoping to use this project as an opportunity to learn C++ and contribute to an awesome project! Any tips on where to start in the C++ code would be appreciated.

All of my work in C# was network related. I would say I’m pretty proficient in working with network related stuff in general, so if that is ever needed I could be useful.

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Hi Hessnake. Welcome to the project. I hope you like working with us! If you have any questions feel free to ask any time here or on slack.

Welcome Hessnake!

A good starting point (if you haven’t read it yet) is this thread to help you ease into things.