New team member: richelbilderbeek, .travis.yml

Hi team,

TL;DR: richelbilderbeek is a new developer, first goal is to get the Travis CI build working.

Who I am:

I am a 17 year experienced C++ programmer and have +600 repo’s on GitHub ( ). I train and teach C++ as a professional and volunteer. I enjoy writing tutorials (for example, ), articles (for example, ). I have created +20 games (see ) for terminal, desktop, web, mobile and Nintendo DS. I like to follow the literature (Stroustrup, Meyers, Sutter, Alexandrescu, Kevlin Henney, etc) and the C++ Core Guidelines ( ).

What I’d like to do:

I have created about 200+ Travis CI projects and a tutorial about it ( ). I’d like to finish setting up .travis.yml so that the compiling process can be verified to go well. Then I hope to add many tools like code coverage, static compile checks, checking for style errors, etc (similar to ). These extra checks should not break the build, but give insight in the code (e.g. unused functions, memory leak, speed bottlenecks).


P.S. I will be looking for the ones that build Thrive for some pipointers :slight_smile:

We are quite seriously considering switching to unreal engine 4.

Is it possible to use travis with ue4?

I do not know, but I volunteer to find out, if the other .travis.yml-interested devs (who?) wouldn’t like to do so.

According to this page:

The only person who has touched the file is @Moopli and he hasn’t been active lately so I doubt anyone is currently doing / interested in it. I guess that means you are free to take over the whole travis thing.

@hhyyrylainen: Travis CI cannot work with Unreal Engine 4, as Travis CI uses GNU/Linux containers, where UE4 needs Windows (see the UE4 documentation or Issue 517).

If you do not want to limit the users of Thrive to Windows-only, I can recommend the FOSS and cross-platform game engine Urho3D, which I have gotten to work on Travis CI.

Would Windows be the OS to go, continuous integration can be done by AppVeyor. I have some experience in it, but -as a GNU/Linux user- I am not interested in maintaining an AppVeyor script for a Windows-only game.

For me that documentation link shows the linux system requirements? I’m not seeing where it says windows is required.

I’ve been using unreal engine primarily on linux and it’s working for me. Is there are reason why travis linux containers wouldn’t work?

As to switching to Urho3D we might as well keep using the current engine which most likely already has very similar features.

I was wrong. Thanks for correcting me. Work continues at Issue 517

Welcome to the team and great work already!