New Theorist: Evolutionary Biology

Hi guys!

I’m thrilled to be joining this group effort and dedicated to making it a success!

I have a background in both biology and programming and currently work in Research Data Management at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. At the same time, I have a relatively small YouTube channel (Phrenotopia), where I discuss various topics and with a recent focus on speculative evolution. Some of you may already have seen my videos and in particular my tryout of Thrive during a recent livestream.

Given my background, I’m joining the team as theorist specialized in evolutionary & developmental biology (evo-devo). To start with, I would like to create an overview of the current theoretical framework as already put into the game on the wiki plus proposed future concepts, whilst giving my own feedback and ideas. This way, I hope we can gain some kind of consensus that could be reflected in the roadmap.

Besides that, I’m also open to being involved in the programming team, time permitting, at some stage.

I’m considering making a brief analysis of the current state of the game, scientifically speaking, into a video on my channel, and I may snoop around asking people questions for that.

All in all, I’m looking forward to working together with you guys!


I am so glad to have you with us Phrenotopian! Since you are a theory team member, me and you will likely be engaged in much discussion over the game’s design to ensure it maintains a balance of fun engaging gameplay and scientific accuracy. I look forward to working with you, and hope you have a pleasant time as a developer of Thrive.

Edit: My apologies, I did not mean to convey any concern!


Thanks, Buckly!

No need to worry! I fully understand both the team effort and the gameplay need to remain fun. There’s no room for sour grapes, but plenty of room for artistic liberties. :slight_smile:


welcome! next time i am in copenhagen i will buy you a beer for your next video :smiley:

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Welcome here ^^
I am just watching your videos on “Alien Biosphere evolution”.
Very interesting and fun!

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Thanks guys! You’re gonna love my next video in the series, which maybe very relevant for the multicellullar stage!