Nick's Auto-Evo Algorithm (Episode 1)

Hopefully the algorithm will come together at some point so that we can include in the game, instead of just the random population changes that are standing in for auto-evo currently.

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alright, it’s been several years and this is still the most complete writing on the subject other than TJWhale’s and Thim’s work. There has to be at least some useful conclusions out of this. (even if it isn’t the whole thing)

Reading through this, while I like a lot of it, this is not at all like what the currently implemented auto evo looks like. I see some parts of the population sim that made it in, but predation deaths? Stuff like that is needed and currently not accounted for in the code.

None of the auto-evo code takes this into account intentionally at all. It is purely coincidental or Nick took inspiration from TJWhale, whose overall algorithm the population simulation that is currently implemented is based on.

That’s just because this algorithm was never finished and Nick said that it is missing some key parts, so trying to implement it as described without changes to accommodate those missing parts, would not be useful.

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Well, the whole algorithm as a cohesive item is shot but, we can still take parts we objectively need or a game designer can pick up where he left off. Example, we didn’t need all of Thim’s changes to add FoodSource.