Nizuto - New Theorist

Hey everyone !
I’m Nizuto, I live in Chile. I have a master in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, and I’m a PhD candidate at University of Concepción. My thesis focuses on Evolution and Development, and currently I’m working in the evolution of germ layers.

I do SO much work in phylogenetics, to understand all the mutations that lead to the formation of the diversity of animals that we see on earth. I try to understand how new functions emerge in certain gene from different species, that lead to the formation of novel cell types. All the information that we can obtain throughout animal phyla, can be used to infer how every common ancestor look like and, who knows, have every tool available to replicate it.
When I’m not a lab rat, you can find me playing video games and writing. I’m a fantasy writer, with a book soon (I hope) to be published.

I’m so excited to help in any way possible. I can provide literature that usually non-academic people don’t have access to. I can also write pages and pages of any information that you require. I see Thrive as more than a game, but a tool that can help people to understand how do we get here, from mere cells that were dancing in a warm and full of gases ocean to a world that is populated with so many and beautiful species, and putting the H. sapiens as an example of doing the right thing in the right moment to establish a species that populate our planet Earth.

Thanks for letting me be part of this Developing team,
Let’s get started !


Welcome, and I’m motivated by your enthusiasm!

I mentioned this on another introduction thread for a theorist, but because we generally consult with theory as questions emerge, things can get pretty quiet on that end from time to time. This is also because scholars live pretty dense lives, so by all means, if you find yourself overwhelmed by priorities, do step back and take your time. Don’t hesitate to bring up new ideas though!

I’m part of the game design team and I have a really strong curiosity towards phylogeny, especially for early eumetazoans. It’ll be pretty important in the “distant-ish” future when we start transitioning towards the point in evolution’s story where weird macroscopic organisms start showing up, so please do share information whenever possible. I’ll probably have a lot of questions for you as, again, this sort of stuff is really fascinating to me; so expect a discord message soon!

@Deus there are probably at least one or two recent game design threads where theorist input could be valuable to help adjust the design.