Organelle Models


So which organelles are meshes and which ones sprites? :smiley:

Edit: that was an actual question. I don’t think the sprites are the ones you think are sprites.


Ok, so i made this model for the bio-luminescent vacuole (apparently that’s a thing now)
and i was hoping to see if it would be right for the game


Could you make a version of it against a black background with light shining from it as if in use?




While editing the wiki, I stumbled across this guide adapted from ~sciocont’s advice on how to accurately design and colour cells and organelles. Might be useful for modellers to think about.

Rules of thumb for asset design:

  • Psuedo-randomness. Textures with organic order, e.g. Perlin Noise, Voronoi Textures (useful for GUI) and real-world organism texturing.
  • Uniform sharpness. Texture should contain sharp/bold, medium sharpness or soft edges only. Try sharp edges first and blur to desired degree. Individual objects always have uniform focus, objects blurred depending on distance from camera like microscopic image.
  • Light, desaturated colors. Matches real microbe pigmentation, i.e. mostly transparent.
  • Realistic color types. Avoid purples, pinks or yellows (not found in nature). Focus on blues, greens, reds and pale oranges like this color palette (accented in white). Exceptions can be made where distinction is needed, e.g. a purple nucleus.


Hello it is I, Atrox, back with another concept art for the nucleus and rough ER


Alright, i tried making a nucleus based on your concept art.
Basically with the two spheres, and the bumpyness.

Making the ER is gonna be a pain in the ass though.


Is it bad that I love the simplicity where the cell wall distorts the inner details? Nice adaptation of the concept but yes the other organelles will be a pain. Not sure if this thread is still being discussed.