Organelle Models


Also the mitochondria probably


Ok atrox the betrayer.


Alright guys, in the wake of our efforts to revitalize our organelles, particularly the Endoplasmic Reticulum, I’ve created new renders of the Nucleus without mine, should we be presented a better version.

I wasn’t sure what colors we agreed on, other than the purple shell of course, so I rendered nuclei with blue and yellow Chromatin.

Here are the alpha channel versions:

Also, I thought I’d add in these, they were a mistake at first but I thought they kind of looked cool, so I rendered them too.


And finally, here’s the Nucleus without the DNA in it, in case you guys don’t like mine.


So here is the zip file with the sprite organelle feature. To add you image to the game, just replace the texture in the material/texture/ folder. To change the size, edit the organelle’s lua file’s onAddedToOrganelle function.

The issue with black and white textures is that we lose color detail, so we cannot make the nucleus or the mitochondria have two different colors (although you are free to try; who knows, one color might look perfect for some organelles). I think a good idea would be to downgrade the tinting we have right now (so you average the membrane color and white, and use that as the tinting factor). Another good idea would be to use tinting on some organelles (like the nucleus), use gray scale for other organelles (like vacuoles), and don’t tint at all or very little for others (like chloroplasts, which have a color).


Why not just have two overlapping sprites to solve our two color predicament?


Quick little update on what Im trying to do for the Endoplasmic Reticulum, Its a bit good but the only issue is that when the faces are rendered as smooth they look all janky, what should I do?


Is the mesh closed, or is it a plane at one point? For smooth shading to work you need a closed, hollow mesh (well, not exactly, but that’s the general rule).


It should be closed and flat, I’m not sure if the reason why it looks like this is because there’s so many different points, I’m not sure


A bit of time later I have finally been able to come up with a model! Not really for the ER (Atrox is handling that well) but I actually have a Pilus in mind! I have Four different versions/examples of it for offer, Two Short, Two Long. I tried to color them a bit to fit a cell membrane but It may need some work, Any thoughts? (Again, Just examples)
Short 1:
Short 2:

Long 1:
Long 2:


Here are some mockups of a cell using ThreeCubed’s pilus. All pili are scaled to be the same length. Extra-short is not a model.


And also, examples of membrane-colored pili.



i like the membrane colored pili, but they all look the same length to me, just different thickness

Edit: I’m dumb. I didn’t read the part where you said they were scaled to be the same length


Pili with membrane-colored gradient at its base.

This is that.
Bonus flagella.

I have no idea how possible either of those are.


That would actually be really easy to do when we switch to sprites.


If we switch over to sprites would that allow for modification/animation of things to be easier? Also would that allow addition of day Flagella to be done faster with Better results?


I made a brand new mitochondria model, I’m not sure if the textures will export to ogre, but the mesh probably can.


if its not cycles it can export, talk to the creator about color scheming, also see if he even wants to implement meshes, right now were using predominantly sprites because with a locked camera angle you can’t tell the difference anyways. If you want you can send the mesh to me and I can see about tweaking it and turning it into a sprite


Well it’s not cycles.
As for the color scheming, i tried to make i accurate to an actual mitochondria
Also i don’t really “bake” the textures, so i’m not sure if they’l stay


Personally I don’t agree with the idea of using sprites for organelles, mainly because you can tell the difference.

And since the membranes are flat, 3D organelles are the only thing giving the cells the illusion of looking three dimensional.


True. So i guess i should send the mesh to Nanu then.

I also made this predatory pilus: