Organelle Models


That looks like it’s deep underwater, like the nucleus of a cell that lives by a hydrothermic vent


Just a quick reminder that the images I posted are pngs with alpha channels. The white ones can be downloaded and applied to a square mesh in game and used, no need for dicey Ogre exports


I’ll try to get all of the images into the game today as sprites.

Edit: or tomorrow.


So here’s the final result.

It will clearly need more work, with me turning the original images to gray scale and then recoloring them to make them lighter. I tried using the membrane as a vacuole, but that doesn’t look too good as you can see above.

Anyway, thoughts? Suggestions?

Improving Thrive's Visuals

Hm to be honest I would say this is a downgrade from what we currently have. It may be partly from I think too much transparency, but also I think the ER at this scale doesn’t look irregular/organic/natural enough. I think the mitochondria could also look better if they had more of a natural stacked shape (in addition to being more visible) as seen here:


Some organelles, like the ER and the mitochondria look very uniform… to the point where they look artificial yknow?


Exactly. There is definitely something in this style, but it isn’t quite there yet. All of the colors seem dull (even in the player cell, which has unmodified textures).


Here’s my attempt at a mitochondria.

I can still change it up, if anything is wrong.


See if you can follow this with the inner membrane. The outer membrane probably shouldn’t be so wiggly, so try to make it straighter like the picture.



But first the first clip of the unnofficial fanmade trailer has to finish rendering :3


trailer eh?


UNNOFICIAL and FANMADE to be specific


Here it is, the brand new power house of the cell!


Fancy, can you do a mockup of it in game?


If by that you mean for me to put it in the game, then i can’t.
I’m not a programmer.

That’s up either to The Creator or Oliveriver.


I also just made a new nucleus!

I don’t really expect it to be used in-game, but i just made it… for some reason…


You can send me the mesh, I’ll make a new material that can work with ogre and export it to him


what kind of file?



just a .blend


Here it is.

Can you show me the new textured version once you’re done?