Organelle Models


I could try that, but the nucleus itself is purple so it wouldn’t show up well, and the base background for Thrive is blue, so again, blue wouldn’t show up well. Maybe a cyan color?


Ok, here’s the nucleus again, this time with Blue and Purple DNA.

Personally I feel neither shows up well, but experimentation is how we come to a conclusion on art style and color schemes.


Belgium that looks beautiful. Now we need to take all of the nucleuses so far (the one by threecubed, atrox, and you) and create a evolutionary line for when updates are in the game.


You mean make an evolutionary line for like, It goes from “This persons” to “this persons” or something else? (Maybe have the nucleus be randomly chosen, who knows)


No, remember the grid system you suggested on slack? We want there to be a visual change with the organelle updates as the cursor moves from the center to one of the corners. To do this I was think of having a separate model/sprite in each corner and in the center, and as the cursor moves around, it linearly interpolates between the different nuclei to create a sense of change. For example, a plain purple sphere could be the default, and as you invest in more mutation points each round by moving the slider, the nucleus becomes darker and becomes closer to the one you made. If you move it in another direction (max possible organelles or something) the nucleus increases in size. Moving it in yet another direction, will make it look like the one Nanu made.

This will all be done via C++, so we don’t actually need the intermediate stages helpfully.


…Thats actually pretty brilliant, I hadn’t thought about the visual differences between the multiple organelles… Would there need to be multiple models for other organelles aswell?


Definitely not in the near future. We just seem to have a bunch of unused models and its a shame to have them go to waste. For things like mitochondria we can just increase it in size and give it a different color.


I didn’t make a nucleus :0 what one of mine are you referring to???


I think going for whats best for the game should be our priority. I wouldn’t mind seeing my old organelles permanently retired. If we do have multiple versions of organelles, they should at least follow the same art style, which at the moment the team seems to agree should be semi transparent.


True, but at the same time it’s better to have a subpar organelle as a placeholder if we already have the model. Either that or some modeler will have to recreate it, thus wasting time that he could have spend working on an asset that we don’t have any models off.

I was talking about this:

Remember how your nucleus was a placeholder for one of the releases?


Oh yeah but that was a really messy sketch. You aren’t going to use it again right?


Yes, but we’re going to retire it. are we going to have an upgrade system or something?


We will have the grid upgrade system I talked about on the Organelle Functions thread. Anyway, we’ll see when we get there.


So uh… if I was in the process of making a nucleus, should I just continue it?


Sure, we can always use more assets, and yours may end up better than mine.

Just try to keep it somewhat like mine’s style, that way the change isn’t incredibly drastic should we implement both along a slider.

The color I used is



These are great. I have inverted colours on my browser and I just wanted to show you guys how cool this looks inverted.


Alright, Here’s my Golgi Apparatus using the same style. Again, white one has alpha channel, other is just a render. Let me know what you guys think.


Should I update/redo my nucleus model because we’re changing over or should I leave it as is?


I haven’t seen yours yet, you should post an image


Mines actually the one that’s currently in game 0.3.2. It’s a decent model (considering I made it when blende was really slow for me and it’s my first model)