Ottoblep - New Programmer

Hi everyone,

my name is Severin. I am an electrical engineering student from Munich.
Even though i have to do it a lot in my work and studies, i still enjoy programming in my free time.
Other hobbies of mine are making music and combat sports.
I stumbled upon Thrive through one of @Oliveriver 's youtube videos.
The concept of the game is something that really insterests me, especially genetic algorithms.
For now i plan on starting with the simple stuff and working on small game-logic/mechanics fixes and features.
I can also help with some translation to german.

Keep up the great work.


Welcome to the team, glad to have you!

As you’ve already done some PRs I won’t give you any of the setup instructions or list of easy issues. If you can’t find anything good to work on, let me know and I can suggest you some issues to work on.