Pambulina - New Musician!

Hello! My name is Jennifer but my online “identity” or “username” is Pambulina, you can call me Pam tho. I’m a 17 year old girl from Sweden and I’m going to a music school. New musician with less experience than most other musicians here. I promise that I will do my best and learn a lot!

I can add that I’m best at writing music together with someone else, like my neighbour. I usually do the base and then someone add other things on top of it. I am able to make my own but it takes a lot more time.

I’m mostly using guitarr/piano/piano like sounds, in a calm way. I can make movie like music with my neighbour and calm/emotional on my own.

I grew up with spore and I’m not ready to let it go, let’s rise together and save the spore gameplay!

(my music will be posted on youtube by the name Jennifer Alm or Pambulina)


Hi Pambulina! Welcome to the team. I’m going to post an overview of the state of the game’s sound, so if any other new musical recruits are reading, it’s important for you to read this whole thing too.

The current approach for music is for people to create draft versions of tracks, post them for feedback, and eventually upload to YouTube so they can be added to this playlist:

As for what those tracks are, you have a few options. You can either choose to make something for the later stages of the game, or now that the Multicellular Stage is sort of in development, something from the early game. We’re particularly in need of Multicellular Stage tracks.

As discussed in your application, your style may not be the best fit for the Multicellular Stage. You can probably create later game tracks fine, but we’re going for a more concrete and consistent style for the tracks soon to be in the game, and that involves mostly slow synthesizer music (see this track for instance).

Sound effects meanwhile need more pressing updates. Those currently in the game are ok, but could be better. If you’re able to work on sound effects, that would be a big help.

If you are going to be doing this for Thrive, make sure you get them to also sign the CLA.