Picking a new microbe stage design lead

So a bit of sad news: @tjwhale has announced that he is resigning his roles and retiring from the team. Being the first person to do so, instead of just disappearing. Which is very nice of him, thank you.
He has been a huge part of thrive over the past many, many years he has been part of the team. Especially as the microbe stage designer the game has progressed towards being a fun gameplay experience. I’m sure he will be missed.

But Thrive must go on, and I think the only way we can go on without majorly harming the project is selecting a new microbe stage design lead. As well as a new theory team lead (sadly we don’t have many active theorists, so we might be out of luck with that)

So please nominate yourself or another person to the role of lead designer or theory team lead. I suppose we are also open to new applications, as we don’t have any experienced game designers on the team. At this time I’m not going to nominate myself for the lead designer role or theorist role.

Here’s some more random stuff:

I created an issue to remind to write down a check list or something and decide a few things to handle team members leaving:

Also if no one objects I’m promoting myself to project management team lead and move everyone else to being inactive (https://wiki.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/wiki/Team_Members#Project_Management_Team)

p.s. we should also pick a new outreach team lead soon

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These are bad news for certain, but yeah the show must go on.
Regarding the outreach team leader, I can take that role. I already have the password for the twitter and postfity accounts and I took care of a lot of outreach stuff.


Thanks for the kind words.

One thing I am happy to do is if anyone wants any help or advice about game design questions I’m willing to answer them (not that I’m a particularly big expert or anything). So if someone wants to take the role who is not so sure how to handle things I don’t mind offering some coaching for it if that is wanted.

I’ve updated the member list, changes:

  • Moved a bunch of people to inactive / former members
  • DonGororo is now the outreach team lead
  • I’m now the only member in the project management team.

I kept Oliveriver in the outreach team as he has done some stuff related to that not super long ago.

We still don’t have a designer…