Progress Update

We have decided to put the information for the progress update that was on the dev discord here for better record keeping and reference.

Here then is my list of guidelines for formatting and structure:(Oliveriver)

  • Author of these posts should be Revolutionary Games. You may not have permission to set this, so if not I can change your role.
  • Add a few paragraphs of short info each time, perhaps focusing on the biggest changes of the week and where we’re heading. The intro for this one is a good example.
  • Use a header image each time. I’ve made a few which I’ll post in a minute. When you need more, let me know.
  • Title format is [Progress Update: mm:dd:yy] for our American friends.
  • Make sure to set an excerpt. This is best accomplished by entering the post’s code editor, copying the code until the end of the intro, and pasting into the excerpt box at the side. There were some strange line breaks when I tried it this time so be careful.
  • Add tags. For now, I’ve just added ‘Progress Update’. Maybe we need more.
  • Include in the ‘Outreach’ category.
  • I’m not sure we have enough progress to keep this up every week, so for now I’m assuming these will run every other week. If you disagree we can see how alternatives work.
  • Embed links to the activity mentioned wherever possible. See the examples in this post.
  • Try not to write in full sentences in the bullet points to keep things consistent.
  • Headings - ‘Programming’, ‘Theory’, etc. - should be formatted as headings in H2 style and always come in the same order.
  • I don’t like the nested bullet point approach you’ve taken but I’m not sure how to fix it. Suggestions are welcome.
  • I guess we should have a consistent URL format. It’s too late to change this one though.

Feel free to add or give feedback.

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Okay so right now we review the post for the update on Friday and then publish it on Saturday morning (when I wake up CDT). Then we post it to our social media either the same day or some on sunday.

I know we also have the screenshot Saturday event. So do we want to have the progress update on Saturday or sunday, and do we want the social media links on the same day or a different day?

I see no problem with having both on Saturday. Maybe spread out the timings, but it would make more sense to publicise something dated Saturday on Saturday.

My guess is for engagement it’s better to spread tweets out. However I don’t have any evidence for that. We don’t tweet much for the rest of the week.

If the problem is the date on the update then we could publish the update on Sundays or Fridays?

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I would vote no on Friday due to work, school and stuff. But Saturday or Sunday work fine for me.

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Well with what people have been saying here and on discord, why don’t we keep screenshot saturday, and do the progress update on sunday instead. I would just need new banner images.


We already have a bunch of banners for the next updates and as Lavathor said, changing the update day would mean making new banners. I think the simplest solution is to tweet both the update and the sss on the same day. We only make two or three tweets per week, having them on the same day wouldn’t make a difference with engagement imo. One thing that would very beneficial would be self retweeting those tweets during the week so more people see them, many people on tw do that already and is very useful when you have an audience spread through different time zones.

P.S: Now that i think of it, another way of increasing our twitter activity could be to post changes as they happen during the week, at least the most important ones. Then the progress update would work as some sort of compilation at the end of the week.

I would be against that, we already have discord and the forums showing many changes, as well as someone would need to dedicate everyday to keeping up on that. On too of that I think it would take away from many peo0le as they see these tiny things that bombard thier feed every day or so.

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i read the other day that some people self retweet and advise it as a way of getting more out of the content. We could do like sat 10pm and wednesday 9am or something. What does everyone else think of this? I am a bit concerned people who see both posts will see it as spammy.

However I guess it depends on numbers. If 50% see the first tweet and 50% see the second tweet then 25% see both, which is not ideal. If 10% see the first and 10% the second then only 1% of people see both which feels better somehow.

I follow many people who do that and i don’t see it as spammy, oftentimes it’s very helpful to see stuff you might have missed and some of these people even retweet many of their old tweets at a time. If i’ve already seen those twets i just scroll up the timeline and forget about it, in our case it would be only one or two retweets a week, so i bet people won’t mind. Furthermore, if someone is annoyed by it, they can just deactivate Thrive retweets on their timeline.

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Progress update tutorial for when i’m gone.

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