Prokaryote Gameplay


It’s worth at least play testing I suppose. I just don’t want to bore people right away and turn them off from the game. Although the feeling of progress knowing you came from a single hex to apex predatory cell might be worth it.


100% agree the beginning should not be boring!

One option I suppose is to make the compound cost of reproduction proportional to cell size (which it may be already I’m not sure). That way as a single hex you can get into the editor really quickly and grow quite rapidly to a larger cell. Then the game slows down once you are bigger for a meatier experience.

I think this is how rpg’s usually do leveling mechanics, you get levels and upgrades easily at the start and then they spread them out so you have to work harder for the higher level ones.


Currently you get to the editor once all of your organelles have split (received enough compounds to create a copy), except cytoplasm (I’m quite sure about this but not 100%) so with just cytoplasm you could actually just immediately enter the editor.

I like this idea. Gives some fast progress right at the start.


If I recall correctly we can even define what it costs for a organelle to grow already.


Which means when we change the compounds we will have to update those costs anyway.