Reworking Death


Right now cells explode, when we kill them. Which means that when you kill a cell with toxins from a distance, it tends to die, explode its compounds everywhere, and dissipate before you can eat them, and before AI cells can eat them. This is not only bad, from a gameplay perspective, but also from a development perspective, the way death works right now, we cannot have decomposers or scavengers, and it has an unnecessary animation, (though we removed that in 0.4.0), and a big, expensive function that spills the compounds.

I suggest we rework death, and i think that some of the plans for 0.4.1 tend to be good test cases for a rework, i think the cell should die, then break into multiple pieces, which then slowly rot away/eject compounds, this is very similar to some ideas that myself and @tjwhale were discussing recently in #theory on our discord.

This would mean that when a cell dies it breaks into multiple pieces that slowly rot away/eject compounds which means you can create a decomposer that hangs out near rotting things to eat and a cell with a toxin can come in and eat the pieces. Also scavengers who come in and eat the left over bits. In real life cells do not fully explode, they explode , partially, but its more like a bug getting squashed, and most of the cell still stays together until it rots away,

This is why i think we should rework death, it would improve gameplay, and allow more options.


I think this is a really nice idea. I like that it would create extra gameplay with smaller cells fighting over the corpse of a large one. I also like that we have the organelle models so having them hang around and float apart sounds doable.

It ties in with something @Oliveriver was saying about osmoregulation. If we rebranded the current health bar as “membrane health” then it would make sense that when it got to 0 your cell would undergo this type of rupture death. Also if your ATP runs out it would make sense that your “membrane health” would decrease as your water pumps would shut down (even though we don’t have them visibly) and so water would rush in and that would start deforming the membrane, damaging it.

If we did the pilus aswell we could roll that into it, it would make sense if you jab someone it hurts their membrane health. It would also make sense of why it slowly heals over time and why different size cells have similar health bars.

We could give cells with a hard cell wall a really large membrane health bar with strong regeneration but a movement penalty.

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