Roseae, new graphic artist :}

Hello everyone! It’s an honor to be working with thrive! I’ve been wanting to for years, and my wish finally came true. I want to thank the devs for being so patient with me, and the supporters of the game who help publicity of this game grow!

Since this is a introduction, heyyy…My name is Liz, but my online name is Roseae, which is the last name of tiktaalik, a prehistoric fish. I love speculative evolution, culture and biology, and love media that incorporate those things into it. ((I was obsessed with No Man’s Sky and All Tommorows for quite a while lol)) I also love video essays and drawing. Digital music creation can be fun too.

My typing style can be a bit wonky, though I’ll try my best to be professional. Thank you for your time, and keep on thriving! ^^

Ps. Oh- I also have a pet turtle. She’s adorable, but incredibly stupid lol.


Hello Roseae! Nice to have someone joining the graphics team! Can’t wait to see some of your art, be it Thrive related or otherwise:)

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Aw ty! And you can find some of my work hereee:

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