Rsaavedra - New Theorist

Hello everyone,
I’m Rsaavedra and I’m happy to announce that I’m a new member of the Theory Team :slight_smile:

I did my bachelors in Biochemistry in Portugal (where I spent my entire life, though I was born in spain), recently I came back to my native country to study a masters in Computational Chemistry (so I do speak fluently Portuguese and Spanish). I’ve always loved celullar and molecular biology and of course everything related to the :star2:origins of life :star2: theories.

I do also play the piano, I spent over a decade studying it, and from time to time I try composing music. I also love videogames, though now, with the masters and everything, I have less time to play.

Everything said, if anyone has any question feel free to ask, I will happily help with any sciency doubt, and if needed I can also give the Music Team a hand.


Welcome to the team! I’m sure our game designers would love to have more theorists on board.


Usually for theorists we try to ask the theorists for input on various things when relevant (usually on the developer discord theory channel). If you need more guidance, hopefully someone else will comment with it.

Though, I very recently made a theory related discussion thread where no one has replied yet, which presents an opportunity: Variants of the welcome message text for different start types