September Outreach

As referenced in this thread: Release 0.4.0 Thread

I want to use this thread to plan our efforts for outreach this month. Eventually we’re going to get to doing the large scale advertising with the template ad to the list of sites we saved. However, before we can start that, we have some preparatory work we need to do to make sure the website, wiki, github, and other sites are ready. We also need to wait for the engine switch to finish. If we can finish this prep within a week, we can get started on advertising as soon as the engine switch is done.

I’ve created a milestone in Github to plan the prep work we need to do over these next few days:

Feel free to suggest any issues we should add, or offer to work on any of the listed issues. The more help the merrier!

As I said on slack we should hold off on any major outreach efforts until the engine switch is done, to allow new people to not have to learn the old and new engines.

That’s probably (hopefully) before 0.4.0 is ready so we should also do lots of outreach things once 0.4.0 is out.

Yep, sounds good. I’ll still work on getting these preparatory tasks done as soon as possible so that when the engine switch is done we’re good to go.