Stingpie - new programmer / theorist

Hey. I’m stingpie, I’m joining as a programmer / theory dude. I’m really good at theory and programming, and I’ve made some pretty complicated projects in the past. I absolutely adore emergent mechanics, so a lot of what I do specializes in creating systems where that occurs. I know java & c++, (not C#, however) and dabbled in python a few years ago. I’ve written some of my own (admittedly dumb) programming languages, and the biggest project I’ve made so far is probably REAL_matrix_engine, which is my attempt at creating a dwarf fortress-esque tile engine. link here. I’m not quite in college yet, but I’ve taken 2 years of computer science at my high school, and I’m pretty good at abstract thinking. (I am currently working on a math paper about converting the edges of a Sierpinski triangle into a traversable space) I’ve been in my school’s robotics team for four years now, and I’m currently the co-president. I have about 3 years experience in electrical engineering and embedded programing, along with some time designing 6502 computers. Anyway, I have a good sense of how to get things done, and I’m excited to join the team.

By the way, I’m gonna have to start by learning a lot about how the code has already been structured, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could find some design documents for it.



All of the documentation on the code we do have is in the doc folder in the Github repo:
It isn’t a lot, and there’s quite a few open issues about documentation so doesn’t seem like many people are enthusiastic about writing documentation.

Especially helpful document is the setup instructions in the doc folder. If you want some easy tasks to get to know the codebase a bit you can browse the easy and “good first issue” issues on Github: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub