Straywind, New Programmer

Hi everyone,

I was recently reminded of Thrive’s existence while watching a youtube video ( I played it a couple years ago). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was still in development. I was further surprised to find out it was open source, since I didn’t know that before. I have been halfheartedly searching for a open source project to contribute to for learnings sake (hopefully one day I’ll get a job in programming. COVID lockdown kicks hard) and what better than a game simulating evolution. I love simulations of ecosystems and things that simulate natural phenomena, so I thought I would try to contribute in what humble way I can.

I suppose to start off I should knock off a few of the easy issues on github? Should I mention on Github that I’m working on them to prevent several people working on it?


Seeing that you have already asked for setup help, I’m not going to link those again. But I’ll link the Planning board and easy issues

That would be good. Before you finish your first PR and get invited to be a member of Revolutionary Games on Github, you won’t be able to assign the issues yourself.

It looks like you joined the developer discord with multiple accounts. Could you send a message / confirm, which one you want to use on discord.

No idea why that happened. Like I said… All sorts of problems follow me around, that other people have never encountered :wink: