Takko - Old Programmer

Hi I’m takko, great to be here and meet you all.
I’m a software developer for over 14 years now, mainly using C# .Net.

I like sitting in my basement office, turn on some random heavy metal and hack some code.
So I see coding as my job and my hobby.

I was searching a new project for my spare time and Thrive seems like the right choice.
The codebase looks very clean and I see a lot of learning potential for me.

This is the very first open source project I’m contributing to and so far I really like the experience.

My plan is to help everywhere I can and improve my skills.

As always I keep it short, as I don’t know what else to say :wink:

Wish you all a good time and see you around.


Ahh, a fellow old coder. My time’s been mainly in the Java family, so I might be asking you for some C# advice down the road.

Welcome to the team!