Theorist Member Areas of Expertise

I mentioned this in the discord yesterday, but I believe that we can make things easier for everyone by listing all members of the Theory team by our various fields of expertise as well as other fields we have some knowledge in. This could help streamline who is pinged in discord to answer questions other team members have.

I’ll also do my best to keep all of the information near the top of this discussion for ease of access.

Degree: Biochemistry
Other: Generalized Chemistry, Genetics, Evolution, Space, Astronomy, Plate Tectonics, Toxicology (took one class about it in college), Geology (not much but could help a bit if it comes up)


Hi I’m Raúl;

Discord nickname: upcoming_rauk
Degree: Biochemistry + Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Other: Quantum Chemistry, Astrobiology and Secondary Metabolism