Theory on Size and Osmoregulation Topic

Hey, I don’t really know if there is any more elegant way to call theorist’s the attention, this is the only thing I came about with :sweat_smile:

If there are any histologist or cell biologists among the Theory Team’s members ( biochemist here :smile: )
I think that some insights from you would come in handy here Size & Osmoregulation.

As on the cell’s size limit to make the nucleus energetically eficient the size considered

is probably a very good option. This is in agreement with some (though not very precise) calculations I made on The Nucleus Paradox

So if anyone could help on this topic I think it would be pretty neat :slightly_smiling_face: :smile:

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While this is fine, you can also ping them or post in the theory channel on discord.

There is the squared cube law which affects size and ability to maintain internal processes.