Titan - New Programmer

Hello everyone!
I am Szymon and I go by Titan or EnderTitan online, I’m a Polish programmer and aspiring game dev. I first found out about the project a good while back after being interested in Spore for a while. Since then I checked up on this project every so often, sometimes making small PRs (with varying degrees of success). Now however I found myself with too much free time on my hands, so I figured I might as well contribute to this project.

Previously, I worked with Unity and C#. I made a few small games here and there and participated in a few game jams. Currently, I’m beginning to be more comfortable with the codebase and Godot in general, and I’ve in general been tackling some small features or fixes.

I want to see this game succeed, and I hope I can make all that free time I have count and help as much as I can!


Hey, Titan! It’s good to see another new member. I just joined the team about a week and it’s been a lot of fun so far. Maybe with all the eager developers showing up lately, we can consider getting some progress done on one of the later stage prototypes while the ECS refactor is being done.

Welcome. Glad to finally have you officially on the team after your multitude of done pull requests.

Welcome to the team!