Tooltips Update for 0.4.2

Overflowing some discussion from discord here: One of the plans is to update the current organelle tooltips to incorporate icons, different font sizes and colours, and a different layout, to overall make them easier to read.

For perspective, here is the current tooltip for mitochondria (ignore the overflowing text, that’s a bug):


And here’s a concept I made incorporating the elements I mentioned:

The question mark in the top left corner is to take you to the Thrivepedia entry for the Mitochondrion, so it would be non-functional for now. The numbers are not accurate so don’t mind those. The background could be made transparent if we wanted, I just didn’t bother with that in the concept.

Graphics/Programming teams, is this doable for the 0.4.2 release? Are there any assets you would need before you could continue (such as a list of descriptions for the organelles)?

Here’s the progress made so far:

Some tasks that are remaining:

  • Find a way to properly align the heading
  • Move the icons 1-2 pixels higher
  • Put a space or two between the MP icon and cost
  • If someone can make a white arrow asset then I can import that as an icon and replace the text arrow in the process
  • Make the storage icon slightly bigger to match the other icons.
  • Make the text stop overflowing over the bottom of the tooltip in windowed mode.
  • Implement this tooltip for all organelles, as well as include proper descriptions.

Tooltips are nearing completion!

The tasks that are remaining are:

  • Add icons for light and temperature
  • Fix header alignments
  • Fix text overflow bug
  • Add icons for speed and storage
  • Make example formulas automatically rebalance based on the biome you are in

Any news on this? We dont necessarily need the last step just yet, and i need to make some change so the editor for some oncoming features i want to add (basic appearance editor where you can choose your color)

Final update to the tooltips for now:

  • Added osmoregulation cost to all organelles
  • Added formula names where applicable
  • Centered headers and fixed header names that were too long
  • Added fermentation as a secondary process to some prokaryotic organelles

Remaining issues:

  • There is a very weird bug with the Nitrogen Fixing Plastid, and I have no idea why
  • Nitrogenase Protein icon in the organelle menu is offset by a few pixels for some reason
  • Make sure all the numbers are accurate
  • Add icons for speed and storage
  • Fix text overflow bug
  • Automatically pull information for tooltips from organelles file
  • Automatically update rate of the formula to match the current biome/patch

Here is the final product:

You can see the text overflow bug in the above photo if someone would like to look at that.

Here is the bug with the Nitrogen Fixing Plastid if anyone wants to look at it. The icon is missing:

And the tooltip is very wonky:

This is the bug with the offset placement of the nitrogenase organelle’s icon:

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