Tooltips Update for 0.4.2


Overflowing some discussion from discord here: One of the plans is to update the current organelle tooltips to incorporate icons, different font sizes and colours, and a different layout, to overall make them easier to read.

For perspective, here is the current tooltip for mitochondria (ignore the overflowing text, that’s a bug):


And here’s a concept I made incorporating the elements I mentioned:

The question mark in the top left corner is to take you to the Thrivepedia entry for the Mitochondrion, so it would be non-functional for now. The numbers are not accurate so don’t mind those. The background could be made transparent if we wanted, I just didn’t bother with that in the concept.

Graphics/Programming teams, is this doable for the 0.4.2 release? Are there any assets you would need before you could continue (such as a list of descriptions for the organelles)?



Here’s the progress made so far:

Some tasks that are remaining:

  • Find a way to properly align the heading
  • Move the icons 1-2 pixels higher
  • Put a space or two between the MP icon and cost
  • If someone can make a white arrow asset then I can import that as an icon and replace the text arrow in the process
  • Make the storage icon slightly bigger to match the other icons.
  • Make the text stop overflowing over the bottom of the tooltip in windowed mode.
  • Implement this tooltip for all organelles, as well as include proper descriptions.


Tooltips are nearing completion!

The tasks that are remaining are:

  • Add icons for light and temperature
  • Fix header alignments
  • Fix text overflow bug
  • Add icons for speed and storage
  • Make example formulas automatically rebalance based on the biome you are in


Any news on this? We dont necessarily need the last step just yet, and i need to make some change so the editor for some oncoming features i want to add (basic appearance editor where you can choose your color)