Ventus - New Sound desiner

hello, I am an audio engineer student currently attending CRAS. while I’ve predominately work on mixing and mastering music I’d really love to fill out my application with some sound design.
I can’t wait to get to work :slight_smile:



We’re looking to replace and add some sound effects wherever we can, so your experience here will be very helpful.

Unfortunately we don’t have an up-to-date list of what we need anywhere (and I’m unlikely to have the time to think it through properly for a while). If you find a sound you think needs improvement or something in-game that doesn’t yet have a sound but should, please let us know. We can then determine how to go about working on it, and we’ll be happy to give thoughts on anything you might produce for it.

We do have this list of sound effects in the wiki which I have recently updated to match the current sfx situation ingame. Now that I think about it, the list should also include the actual corresponding sound so that people can listen to it directly in the wiki, I’ll probably add it soon.

Also welcome to the team Ventus!


Ah, I had no idea that existed. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll keep it in mind in future.

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