Vyethriel - New Composer & Producer

Hey everyone,

I’m a composer and producer of orchestral pieces and tracks that combine synth and acoustic instruments.

My SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/vyethriel
I have uploaded three pieces, two of them are heavily inspired by the Thrive microbe soundtrack (I did my own take on it though).

I’m very happy to start working with you all - this project is very ambitious but I like it a lot :smile:

(My real name is Benjamin C. Schütz, I’m from Germany)


I checked out your tracks, and it’s really interesting to hear this more energetic take on Microbe Stage’s sound! I’m already inspired to take these and try to find good places to celebrate with these tunes, or just try out having them in the normal jukebox rotation. One of my favorite things to keep me believing has been listening to the soundtrack for all the stages, and imagining the game that might fit that music.

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The music team isn’t particularly structured as music is far from our biggest priority right now. The general approach is to let people make what they want, then the team can review it, and if accepted, the music will be added to various playlists.

Let me know if you have any specific questions!

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Thank you! :smile:

As Thim said, my take on the soundtrack has a different feel to it because it incorporates more melody and changes the “soundscape” more often.
Is this acceptable for the Thrive soundtrack? Most games I know have more energetic and melody-focused tracks, but that might not fit this game.

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There is a plan for how the different stages do their music: Redesigning the Microbe Stage Soundtrack - A Tentative Guidebook - #8 by Oliveriver

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Thank you very much! This whole project and the mutual effort of all teams to create an entire game has been very inspiring :slight_smile:

I’m pretty certain about wanting a clear progression in complexity and variety for the music through the game stages, to match the blossoming of the player’s own organism. So my answer is yes, but not so much for the early game stages.

The candidate themes you posted for the Microbe Stage for instance, while very good, don’t fit what I envisage for that part of the game. I’d like to stick to slow synth pads and using harmonies to build emotion rather than melodies or rhythm. There’s arguably more variety to be found in that brief than there is currently in the game, which is why a musical overhaul is still a decent idea.


I see. That makes sense.

For the musical overhaul, would remixes/new versions of existing pieces be the way to go or rather new pieces?
And are there particular pieces that would need improvement?

I didn’t mean remixes, although now you mention it that might not be a terrible idea. I intended more along the lines of some production tweaks to correct errors and inconsistences in existing tracks, and more tracks.

On the new tracks front, perhaps it would be good to have tracks for different microbial biomes, for instance.

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I understand.

I’ll try to make a track that fits the requirements this weekend to get a feel for this style of music.
Does any specific biome still need a track or is it fine if I make one without the added difficulty of fitting that feel first?

In my opinion, the production tweaks are secondary to having multiple tracks for all biomes (I’m assuming that’s the plan?), but pinpointing the errors/inconsistencies would certainly be helpful. Do you by any chance already know what exactly you want fixed or is that still being discussed?

Unless I’m mistaken, none of the microbe stage patches have their own music. So all of them are up for grabs.

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I listened to the OST for some inspiration and most of the pieces aren’t really in line with this requirement. Is having some kind of melody strictly unwanted or is it fine?